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Q. I received an email saying I have to confirm my identity with CNNIC in order to keep my .cn domain, is this legitimate?

A. Yes. CNNIC (the .cn registry) has recently made changes to their registration policies. They now require that a form be filled out and sent to them along with photo identification for all registered .cn domain names.
Do not send this form to our company.
Please send this form directly to CNNIC for processing as instructed in our email.
If you received an email with the form, then you are required to send it in. However, CNNIC has suspended the deadline for those with .cn domains with registrants outside of mainland China. CNNIC will announce a new deadline in the near future; therefore if you received the form, you will still want to send it to CNNIC to ensure that you do not lose your .cn domain name in the future. Send it now and you will be done.
If you are a registrant with a .cn domain registered in mainland China, please submit the required documents by February 15th via Email ( or Fax (86-10-58812666-2)
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